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Limited Offer:
Model Call 

I am currently seeking new muses to inspire my work. If you have not yet experienced a boudoir photoshoot, and you are willing to sign a release agreement either anonymously or with full disclosure, then I invite you to be part of this opportunity. In gratitude for your consent to share your images, I am pleased to offer you a one-time substantial savings.


You will receive all access to this luxury experience, as an appreciation for allowing me to create my visions and share them with the boudoir community and world. 

Apply NOW to be reviewed for this amazing opportunity!

What is included with this experience ?

  • Consultation call

  • Guides to prep you with wardrobe, and more

  • Guide for your day of the shoot

  • Full client closet options from XS - 6XL

  • Professional hair

  • Professional makeup with luxury lashes to take home in hard cover case.

  • 1.5 hour of shooting time

  • 3 sets of choice

  • 3 outfits of choice

  • Touch ups if needed

  • Private hot tub soak

  • Private served Charcutier lunch tray with to-go pack if needed.

  • 25% off exclusively the day of your shoot for XXX wall supplies.

  • Same day private link image reveal with password protection for you at home.

ONLY 199$


Things Of Importance 

Please be advised a legal contract and model release will need to be signed. At Belle Bijoux, Bobbi believes in the right to consent. She gives you two ways to sign for release on images we capture in your photoshoot. Either the option for the whole gallery, or annon only (no facial shots). This is to help keep you comfortable and 100% in control of your images and the experience. Images signed for may be used across all social media platforms and or used in printing and competitive submissions.  

Your $199 fee to book is non refundable only transferable up to one time. Any cancellations will result in total loss of this fee. 

Payment plan options for all clients always. 

Pre Payment 

All payments would be made via e transfer, cc, debit, or cash leading up to the booked session date. all funds will be paid in full by shoot day to ensure the fastest turn around for your images and luxury products. These plans are broken into how you'd prefer. Weekly, bi weekly, monthly, or 2-4 equal payments. 

Pay Pal Credit 

You can apply thru pay pal and your personal account for a small loan to pay your bill in full for the quickest turn around and take your time with the Pay Pal pay it back program. 

Pay In Full At Booking 

Pay for your collection in full, receive a FREE 450$ value gift. This too can be achieved with the Pay Pal Credit option above. 

Collection Options For Model Calls 

Please refer to the payment options above. 

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