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My personal bio and background to the business I created 3.5 years ago .... 

My name is Bobbi Johnson, I'm a small town gal living in northern British Columbia Canada. Vanderhoof to be exact, we are an hour west of Prince George, and considered the geographical center of B.C. I am the momma of two beautiful boys, and wife to an amazing supportive husband. 

I had been Passionate about portraiture photography for about 10 years prior, but I took a break to grow my family to a family of 4. A few years passed and I still had so much passion I decided to take the leap back into work, and do what I love. I chose to embrace my dreams, and decided to provide the most empowering intimate luxury portraiture experience beyond measure.

I quickly realized my artistic charm sparks the brightest with boudoir. I love guiding women to pose, and feel great in the moment, embrace their true self and give all they have to the camera, letting that true inner goddess out. It is my passion to empower the most deserving of women, and to make her not only feel, but believe the beauty in her own skin, mind, and heart. 

We as women struggle daily with the expectation to be "perfect". In reality perfection isn't seek-able, its not reachable. Perfection is in the eye of the one whom holds the beauty within themself. And I strive to bring that beauty into the light for each and every client. I love being apart of all diversities, cultures and traditions. There is no limit to what we can create together ! 

With boudoir, I have taken the leap into Intimate Couples Portraiture, the warm embrace of two souls who want to possibly bare it all with me under the sheets is an experience beyond measure. Comfortably we engage you two into the most natural and intimate bedroom setting to help make your love story SHINE. If in the sheets just isn't your fancy have no fear I actually offer intimate outdoor couples work as well. You can see more in the gallery! 

I provide high quality luxury products to each client. Spending time, and care on each hand designed, luxury quality, print, album or other quality collection items. Use the contact tab to fill out a form now. I'd love to help you plan your dream shoot.  



To see more 5 star testimonials scroll down.  


My studio, spanning 1,500 square feet, is situated in Vanderhoof BC. It's a fully equipped, private studio featuring a hot tub, client wardrobe, hair and makeup facilities, a variety of props, a xxx swing, and more - all available for client usage!

Stay informed of upcoming model and brand ambassador calls by searching for my private VIP business page on Facebook.



What Does Belle Bijoux Boudoir Mean & How To Pronounce It.... 

Belle :

sounds like: bell the added "e" is silent.

a beautiful girl or woman, especially the most beautiful at a particular event or in a particular group.

Bijoux :

sounds like: bee·zhoo

plural noun, a precious jewel 


sounds like: boo·dwaar

a woman's dressing room, bedroom, or private sitting room. & in our case private intimate images.

As you can see, every word carries a unique and significant meaning. I've devoted consideration to how they interact with one another to create an ideal representation of each valuable client.

Miss R 

If I was given more stars I'd rate my experience with Bobbi at Belle Bijoux Boudoir an infinite amount of stars! Bobbi is an absolutely gem to work with and produces stunning work, she makes your confidence soar. Bobbi also helps you with positioning and poses to get the perfect photo. Bobbi offers a client closet for you to look at incase you don't have an outfit or looking to spice it up. I am a returning client and have never once been disappointed with my images.

Miss L 

When I say book the shoot. I truly mean 'Book the Shoot'!!
Not only is Bobbi professional, creative and very nowledgeable, yet willing to continually learning more tips and tricks for her clients. Also she is also utterly genuine and kind hearted. Which makes it so easy to feel right at home.
Then when it comes to her clients you can believe she sinks all she has in making sure you have the complete experience, either big or small, and at your pace/comfort level.
You won't regret it!!

Miss D 

Hands down the best photographer to go with I had my maternity photos done with her and woooow did they ever turn out AMAZING!!! She does the whole luxury experience and makes you feel like a literal goddess  from the poses to facial expressions.. plus the easiest lady to get along with!! Do not hesitate to book, it’s soooo worth it!!

Can't wait any longer?? 

Book your luxury session NOW !

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