Miss T 

Bobbi just absolutely blows my mind.

Check out this mildly edited version of yourself. Oh that blew your mind? Wait until I actually edit it and send it back to you.

Ohhhh, so you're gonna extra blow my mind? Ontop of my mind already blowing, and blowed again.

If you've been wishy washy about investing with Bobbi. I tell you now, do it. I was with her for 4 hours yesterday, she rocked me. I felt like I left a gym, or a hiking event. I used every single muscle in my body, she had me shaking. She also had me bend like I was in Elementary school again.

We laughed, pretty hard. She whispered sweet nothings in my ears and I did exactly what she asked of me ... this is escalating

Just do it. Do it for you. Do it for all the reasons.

I will never look like this again. And I had proof I did.

When I'm 80 and telling my grandkids about this messed up world I can be like, and your grandma was hot too!!

The Primos

Miss. S

Let me tell you about Bobbi Lynn . . . this woman is a light, a true genuine spirit and an artistic genius with her camera. She truly believes in a woman feeling good about herself and building her up. She changed my life. She took a scared, anxiety filled, overweight woman and helped find the sexy warrior in me. She has given me confidence and empowered me. I'm proud of how far I've come and she taught me that I'm worthy of celebration. I believe she was put in my path for a reason and for that I will always be grateful. Bobbi is amazing at what she does & will create a life changing, memorable experience for you. Thank you Bobbi . . . for your time and creative effort and your friendship.

Miss. C

Thank you Bobbi for the pictures and the amazing/fun carefree day you gave me. You, Bree, and Sierra gave me the push and helped me see myself in a whole new way. You are all incredible. I am so thankful for the day you gave me, having a 4 year old and 3 month old baby at home, I definitely needed this. Thank you for helping me do something for myself, (and Evan) but hey, it’s also for me

I feel a whole new love for myself and see myself in a whole new light. And you are all so incredibly talented. So seriously, if you’re thinking about getting photos done, just take the plunge and do it, it’s an amazing experience. Bobbi is incredible at what she does and she makes you feel so comfortable and strong, this is exactly what I needed.

How my first boudoir shoot has changed me. I was mindlessly scrolling fb and saw a post Bobbi had made for the business she wanted to really start expanding, going from general photography to focusing on boudoir. Figuring what could it hurt, so I answered her model call.


I told myself I'd never be picked, but I applied anyway. Deep down I knew all my negative self talk was my childhood demons & I'm a grown woman, I'm sure I can find my sexy (gotta be in there somewhere, right???)


I want to say that it was one of the single most terrifying things I've ever done, but being that vulnerable has had a very much needed switch deep inside. I grew up being told I was fat...'too fat to run track', 'too fat to wear a bikini', 'too big for boys to like or even notice you', 'the only thing you have going for you is boobs' and MANY more comments. My entire childhood I can NOT recall A SINGLE positive body comment. So yes, I'll say it again, this was terrifying, but I know that some of the greatest changes come from pushing past our comfort zone, so I went through with it. I drove to her house, literally shaking, and by the time I left, I felt different. It wasn't until later, after I saw the pictures and was driving home that it really hit me, I could hear some of my childhood demons coming back. Ariel from grade 3 teasing me, comments in grade 5, comments from my own mother. I had to pullover before I started to cry. Mentally, 36 year old me was starting to fix the broken child inside. Bobbi was so unbelievably sweet, right from the first time we talked. When I actually met her I felt a calm peace just flowing out of her, she walked me through each pose, "yes babe" "beautiful", completely built me up and made me feel like the total goddess we ALL are. In high school I worked out, I went to the gym, I had a trainer, but I never seemed to be comfortable in my skin.


After my first daughter was born, it was just her and I for a few years, my body definitely showed it. 3 years ago I had twin girls, I was ready for a change. I HAD to change, and the first change I had to make was to ACCEPT my body as it was. I had carried twins, damn right there were changes, both good and not so good, but I started to embrace and love all those changes but I still never felt sexy. I started to really work on healing, I had a few breakthroughs, but nothing as powerful as that day driving home. A few things hit me on the hour drive home. this was hella EMPOWERING self-care is sooo IMPORTANT HEALING comes in many forms you DESERVE to love yourself AS YOU ARE YOU are ENOUGH So for anyone that is feeling 'not good enough', 'not thin enough' not ___ enough' YOU ARE ENOUGH

Miss A